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Reed Business Consultants currently has numerous Sole proprietors, Close Corporations, Public and Private Company clients to whom we provide professional services to.

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We offer accounting, tax, payroll and company registration services, but our custom-built and exclusive software system is what makes us unique. It gives us a competitive edge in the industry and is the main reason why our service is far superior to any other. There are many features on the system and new ones added regularly.

Advance automation

Our system automates a wide range of accounting, tax, payroll and compliance tasks. The automation makes our service delivery much more cost effective and increases accuracy and efficiency. Using the latest technology, we have built an intelligent software that enables our team of professionals to focus more on the client. The days of wasting precious time on burdensome administrative tasks are over.

Online support

You can benefit from our in-house experts' knowledge. Any question you might have regarding tax, accounting, payroll or just general business advice will be answered by a professional online.

Live compliance monitoring

Our system monitors, tracks and manages your compliance from Inland Revenue, The Department of Labour, Social Security and the UIF all in real-time. You can have peace of mind that your company is always up to date and compliant everywhere. You will be able to view live information on your compliance status in all categories.

Cloud Storage

All your compliance documents will be kept securely on our system. You can access your records from any device anywhere, you will never struggle to find documents again.

Task Management and Monitoring

When it comes to compliance, there are so many things to do and remember. You won't have to remember anything anymore. Our system will keep track off all the essential tasks that need to completed. This will ensure both our staff members and you will always be up-to-date and compliant.